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The Wedding DATE Planner

When I was planning my own wedding, I was close to obsessed with what the weather might be the day of the wedding. I know, I know ... there's absolutely no way you can ensure a warm, sunny day and there's nothing you can do to prevent rain ... BUT you can do a little research and try to make a decision based on theory.
Check out this link, which has lots of great info for the coming months!

Who's First?

One of my brides asked me today, "I'm buying a personalized cake-cutting set, but whose name goes first ... mine or his?"

This is a common question asked of many vendors, especially when purchasing favors. It has been found that almost 90% of personalized wedding items are printed with the bride's name first. However, if we pull out the book of "proper etiquette," presentation of names usually requires the man's name precede the woman's anytime the surname or married name is included. That said, even napkins, favor boxes and ribbon printed with a monogram or surname, the groom's name should be printed first.

Nonetheless, it is truly up to the couple and what they prefer. A little diversion from "proper etiquette" is not really a huge crime. In my opinion, the best route is usually to go with what's aesthetically pleasing.

... the pleasure of your company is requested

Hello & Welcome!

My friends and family have known for many years that event planning is truly a labor of love for me; something I absolutely revel in and enjoy. However, I had not decided to officially establish my event planning business until now. With that said, it’s my pleasure to present The Bridal Party… specializing in extravagant experiences and stylish soirées!

Services of The Bridal Partyare of tremendous value to brides, grooms and their loved ones … providing top-notch planning, management and consultation for ceremonies, receptions, engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, bridesmaid teas, wedding-eve gatherings, post-wedding brunches, destination weddings and much more.

I am so very excited to be getting started!

Founder & Managing Director of The Bridal Party LLC