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Well, Aren't "Shoe" Cute?

Getting married is just another excuse to go shoe shopping.  It's also one of the few opportunities women get a pass to "splurge."  One of our favorite clients asked for our assistance in finding the perfect shoe for her big day and we were more than happy to steer her in the right direction.  She's going to want her photographer to capture these very special accessories, so attention must be paid.

Check out our sampling of some of the prettiest pairs on the market for brides. Some new & trendy ... some enduring classics.  Some white & traditional ... others bold show-stoppers.  There's just something about SHOES!









KATE SPADE - - - - - - - - - -
by Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director, THE BRIDAL PARTY

Random Relay: April/May 2011

So, it's time for our second random relay of spontaneous pics from the months of April and May 2011.  Just random snapshots and inspirations from my trusty ole BlackBerry:
"Going to the airport ALWAYS brings out the little girl in me.   I get excited each and every time, no matter where I'm going."
"Kudos to Hermes!  They do so well what many others fail to maintain ... GOOD BRANDING.   And to think this is only a construction facade."
"I celebrated my very first Mother's Day this year.  It was an extraordinarily wonderful feeling.  And being treated to brunch by my husband and twin babies was magnificent."
"Work ... from my point of view."
"Making visual and mental note of what Tory Burch has to offer in my little girls' size.   She's a fashionista in the making!"

"Love is grand ... but you must still rehearse."
"Why we do what we do, why we work so hard ... it's really quite simple." - - - - - - - - -…

Erinn & Joseph: Classic Love

We shared snapshots of our Classic Love wedding earlier this month and professional photos are in!

To put it plainly, it was a gorgeous day for a gorgeous wedding.  The lovely ceremony was held at Our Lady of Sorrows Church in South Orange followed by an over-the-top reception at none other than the One and Only Westmount Country Club in West Patterson.  On this, the last day of April, guests were treated to a swirl of details centered around the couple's purple, chartreuse and lilac theme.  Big hits were the specialty martinis, the awesome live band, luxury chocolate truffles and miniature bottles of wine (favors), in addition to hand rolled cigars and carnival-style grilled hot dogs, sliders, onion rings and fries to close out the night.  This wedding proved to be an unforgettable event.

Overall, it was wonderful working with Erinn and her family, which is why we're thrilled to share a few of the best moments of the wedding below, thanks to Milton Gil Photographers.


Job Well Done: "Green" & Natural

The Bridal Party's "Green" & Natural couple exchanged vows Saturday evening at The Montauk Club in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, New York. Everything was so, so beautiful that this wedding has been officially added to our personal list of favorites!

I was introduced to the bride rather late in the game (only 4 months before the wedding) when only the venue had been selected, but we worked so well together and were 100% successful in creating priceless memories. Although the bride was only planning for an intimate guest list of 65, we had serious tasks on our hands like designing decor elements, selecting flowers and musicians, warming the bare space, securing rentals and staying as "green" (eco-friendly) as possible. Well ... mission accomplished! Guests LOVED the blooming willows, the birch-trunk centerpieces, the gourmet cupcakes, the live musicians throughout and being bathing in candlelight.  This was such a classy event!

We'll proudly sh…

A Little Something Extra

Sometimes, the key to making your wedding unique isn't all about coming up with tons of original ideas.  Just adding a little something extra, and unexpected, can go a long way.  For example, utilizing special and personal embellishments in your bouquet makes for a "fineasfivepence" result.  Ever considered adding rocks, sheet music, magnets, cotton balls or buttons to your bouquet?  Talk about wow-factor!  But don't knock it before you try it.  Check out these funky bouquets by some of the industries most coveted floral designers, as seen in New York Weddings magazine:
Saipua Kyanite rock, amaryllis, carnations, ranunculus, seeded eucalyptus, and scabiosa pods.
Kimberly Sevilla
for Rose Red & Lavender Circus roses, gloriosa lilies, astilbe, ranunculus, anemones, tillandsia, blackberries, and sheet music.
Elan Flowers Cymbidium orchids, Vendela roses, calla lilies, blackberries, and Magnetic Poetry.
Poppies & Posies
Sarah garden roses, unripened raspberries, echeveri…