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Helen Julia

A good friend of mine, Tamiko Hargrove, is the owner of a fabulous scented candle company called Helen Julia (affectionately named after both of her grandmothers). Her candles not only smell wonderful, but are beautifully packaged ... great for bridal shower and/or bridesmaid gifts!

All Helen Julia's fragranced candles are available in two sizes and come with individual velvet pouches. Classically beautiful!

Here's a photo of her "I Do" scented candle, evocative of a classic rose bouquet. The perfect wedding accessory.

Hot Palettes for Fall 2007

As Summer winds down and we get ready to move into Autumn wedding season, just like the the leaves, colors are also changing. For this year's upcoming season, I've noticed fashion-forward brides are thinking outside of the box ... leaning away from the Tiffany blues ... abandoning chocolate & pink. Here's a small sampling of the exotic NEW color trends for Fall:

TEAL: Yes, the popular wedding color of the 80s is back! Its fresh clean look is what many brides are going for, especially when they don't want a hue that's too dark. What I've really loved seeing is its pairing with wonderful, vibrant colors like red. I know it sounds crazy, but when done right ... absolutely stunning.

BLACK & WHITE: This might seem too basic, but it's making another big comeback! Many brides-to-be have used this scheme in conjunction with intricate patterns, which really puts a creative spin on the look. A black & white palette is perfect for the chic bride.


... just thought I'd share!

Okay, so it's time to share a few of my favorite wedding / event planning and idea websites. These sites feature some of the most beautiful inspiration for one-of-a-kind events. Check 'em out!

Frills & Yummies (

Frills & Yummies' tagline is "sophisticated ... imaginative ... fun." Owned by a wedding consultant and retail guru, this little site carries unique (mostly hand-made) gifts, luxuries, paperie, etc. Not interested in blowing bubbles as you and your groom exit the ceremony, check out the petal confetti by Frills & Yummies!

They carry hair pieces, handbags and jewelry as well.

Beau-Coup (
Beau-Coup carries wedding favors, party supplies, bridal shower favors, bridal accessories and personalized wedding decorations. It's a one-stop shop for brides and planners! Beau-Coup is especially great for themes ... Las Vegas, Fall, Golf ... you name it, they tastefully have it.

In addition, they carr…

Goodbye Monograms ... Hello WEDDING LOGOS!

Along with pink and brown, engraved champagne glasses and showering the bride and groom with rice, monograms are quickly being upstaged by custom wedding logos!

Many more brides and grooms are choosing to further customize their events with a sort of brand that adds a definite element of their personal style ... a stamp that can neither be replicated or duplicated.

With a wedding logo, couples are able to truly personalize labels, seals, stamps/embossers, cake toppers, place cards, napkins, invitations and favors (especially edible favors such as custom cookies). How unique!