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Happy New Year!

The Bridal Party LLC wishes all of our clients and blog readers/subscribers/lurkers a happy and healthy new year full of wonderful blessings and good fortune.

Best Wishes for 2008!



Earlier today, I came across a cute little cake creating tool hosted by It's called CREATE-A-CAKE!

Brides-to-be are able to choose from a variety of colors, decorations, accents and even toppers. Once done, print the finished design and take it with you to your baker. Great for brainstorming ideas and lots of fun.

Try it now!

Engagement Party Theme: The Ring

I met with a really handsome couple a few weeks ago, who shared fond memories of their engagement party. Seems the party was a huge hit ... thanks to the simplest of themes, the diamond engagement ring! Turns out, there are tons of items available to help take it to another level as well. Take a look at a few:

"With This Ring" His and Her Napkin Rings by American Bridal - "Diamond Ring" Gift Bag by Plum Party - Engagement Ring Cookies by Maine Cakes and Cookies - Big Ring Invitations by PaperStyle

For $1000 Or Less

For some, spending $7,000+ on a handmade, couture wedding gown to be worn only once is no big deal. For others, a more practical approach may be desired or necessary depending on the chosen budget. It really depends on the bride and what she ultimately wants.

Since we've already highlighted numerous high-end gowns, here are a few gorgeous choices for $1000 or less.

Happy Shopping!

Demetrios David's Bridal
Group USA
Saison Blanche
J. Crew
... and even though it's more than $1000, here's one more J. Crew style, just because it's so feminine and unique (wink).J. Crew

Twenty Questions ...

While catching up on my blog-reading, I noticed a really fun post over at Danielle Gregory's Oh Happy Blog! Danielle has great ideas and finds, of which I've been quite intrigued. And today, I've decided to borrow this cute little quiz.

1. Egg nog or hot chocolate? During the holidays, I'm all about egg nog. It's actually a bit obsessive of me (especially since it's so high in cholesterol and I really should not indulge). But hey ... it's only around once a year.

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? "Santa," better know as yours truly, always wraps each and every gift. In fact, today I spent about 2-3 hours wrapping the gifts we've accumulated thus far. It's all about presentation with me ... I can't help it, I'm a planner!
3. Colored lights on tree/house or white? Though I grew up with colored lights, once I became the head of my own household, it's been white lights or nothing. Trees shine and glow more w…

What's On Your Registry?

Bedding ... flatware ... home decor ... luggage ... these are all common items on engaged couple's wedding registry lists. And while it can be fun as well as practical to hand-pick many of the items you'll receive for your wedding, always remember to make it count. Be sure to include one-of-a-kind items, defining pieces that could potentially stay with you until your 50th anniversary, keepsakes to pass down through the generations ... starting with you.

Here are a few of the "hottest" wedding registry picks to consider:

Artisan Stand Mixer
One of the most popular kitchen appliances on the market and also, the prettiest! The Artisan stand mixer is a must for bakers. It boosts 10-speeds and a 5-qt. stainless steel work bowl. A wonderful tool to display on your counter top. Available at Bloomingdales.

Ralph Lauren "Odeon" Bedding
Ralph Lauren's brand has been built and maintained on tradition .... and the antiqued 1930s wallpaper pattern that inspires this coll…

Water Closet Personalization

Understandably, people often judge venues and locations by their bathrooms. When hosting a wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception, remember to always place emergency toiletries in each bathroom. But, consider further transforming an ordinary ladies' or men's room into a true restroom with impressive little touches ... vases of fresh flowers, scented sachets, chocolate truffles, or maybe even these:

Good Grief!

Non-wedding related for the most part, but really cute! A replica of Charlie Brown's classic pathetic Christmas tree.

One of my colleagues sat his up on his desk and, boy does it turn heads. The set, from Urban Outfitters, comes with one red ball ornament, and bendable branches that make it possible to fold the tree entirely flat for easy storage during non-yuletide times of the year.

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!!!