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Por Favor!

Edible wedding favors are definitely one of the hottest trends, as people move away from personalized ribbon-laden trinkets that sit atop mantles collecting dust for years or end up in the trash can as soon as the warm-and-fuzzy post-wedding feeling wears off (typically around 30-60 days). Gifting wedding guests with treats for their taste buds is certainly a grand alternative and the choices are endless ... from personalized olive oil to caramel or candy apples ... from chocolate-covered strawberries to wedding-themed cookies.

Check out my list of the latest in edibles:

#1:Godiva White Chocolate Couture Favors
Sylvia Weinstock inspired wedding cake shaped chocolates, filled with hazelnut praline. Come is sets of 4. Also available in milk chocolate. (

#2:"Nothing is Sweeter Than Love" Personalized Lemonade
Several themes, colors and messages are available. Each pouch contains 1 oz. of Premium Blend of powdered Lemonade mix. Directions printed on the back. (momentsofele…

Bridesmaid "Recipe" Cards

You can always count on Martha Stewart Weddings to put a unique spin on all good things. Recently, I've fallen in love with the Bridesmaid Fashion Cards featured in the current issue, which are both adorable and functional. Using a handy template, brides are able to type in all of their information (contact info, fabric swatches, images, special sentiments, etc) and print on their own card stock. Voilà!

P.S. Don't forget to head over to Paper Presentation for matching button-string closure envelopes.

Fine China Sale at Dillard's

Dillard's is holding a clearance sale on fine china. There are huge deals on Waterford, Kate Spade and even Vera Wang. Just go to and search by the item numbers listed below.

Wedgwood "Madrid" (search 00946691) $28
Waterford "Giselle" (search 02086199) $31
Vera Wang by Wedgewood "Fidelity" (search 01428121) $32
Kate Spade "McCormick Square" (search 02146432) $32
Wedgwood "Celestial Platinum" (search 00857182) $33
Vera Wang by Wedgewood "Pink Duchesse" (search 01028537) $35
Wedgwood "Lustreware Pacific Stripe" (search 02729743) $38
Wedgwood "Lustreware Oyster" (search 02729742) $38

Engagement Announcement: Shakira & Jason

I was so thrilled to see that one of my couples announced their engagement in The Star Ledger today. They are a lovely couple and it's no cliche for me to say they are an absolute joy to work with.

For many, in their careers, there's the possibility of eventually becoming indifferent to those to which they provide service. But when your work is a labor of love, as is mine, you can't help but become sincerely affected, interested and involved. Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to their special day. It's going to be amazing!

"The Only Thing that Separates Us from the Animals Is Our Ability to Accessorize"

The title of this post is also one of my favorite lines from the movie, Steel Magnolias. And yes, accessorizing is extremely important to completing any look. So, for brides, it can't just be all about the dress. Very carefully, appropriate accessories should be selected to compliment her gown as well as her hair. Even accessories that may be barely seen (such as shoes, garters and undergarments) are eminently significant. And don't forget those little frills and yummies we all love just for being commemorative of the short-lived time in which one is allowed to use the title of "bride."

Take a look at two accessory works in progress, courtesy of me and my love affair with Polyvore:

Bridal Gown: Simone Carvalli
Diamond Engagement Ring: Tiffany New York
Christian Louboutin Paillette Platforms:
Lady Dior Crystal Daisy Bracelet & Juicy Couture Decadent Dusting Powder: eLuxury

Bridal Gown: Ulla Maija
Versace Metallic Medusa Pumps & Chantecaille Tiare Can…

Up or Down?

"How should I wear my hair?" is a question brought to me by almost every bride I work with. It can, after all, be an extremely difficult decision to make where one debates if she should stick with her normal look or unveil a style of grandeur to match her milestone event. There is usually no easy answer. But considering varied options is helpful in matching one's tresses to the rest of the bridal ensemble.
Here are a few options for UP:
... and a few options for DOWN:
Good Luck Ladies!

Lollipop Land

We've all probably played the board game Candy Land about a thousand times ... but being able to experience it first-hand is the treat of all treats. This afternoon, one lucky 1 year old celebrated her birthday with family and friends in Lollipop Land. Check out a few of the detail shots I took this afternoon.

Cake, candy and loads of lollipops!
(if you're a diabetic, you might want to proceed with caution)

Favorite Wedding Products & Finishing Touches

Looking for a few great wedding products or finishing touches? As always has great deals on wedding/event supplies. Check out the right-side margin of our main blog page to check out this month's favorites (including silver LOVE place card holders, wedding emergency survival kits, platinum hearts program kits, Vera Wang toasting flutes and white rose votive candles).
Happy Shopping!