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Contest: Bluefly's Bride War Stories

The movie Bride Wars, starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, won't be out until Jan 9th, but you can enter Bluefly's Bride War Stories Contest now! Just submit your crazy mother-in-law or bad taffeta tales to win a $1000 shopping spree.

There's also a Bridal Beatdown game where you upload your face to the body of either Liv (Kate Hudson) or Emma (Anne Hathaway) and duke it out against the other bridezilla - the perfect distraction from Monday work.

May the best bride win!

This Week In History: Hot Registry Adds, Gowns Under $1K, Diamond Ring Engagement Theme, Create-A-Cake

Your After "Yes," Before "I Do" & Everything In Between blog archive reminder has arrived! Take a look back at what we were discussing this week, one year ago.

What's On Your Registry (7 of last year's hottest items for wedding registries)For $1000 Or Less (gorgeous bridal gown choices for under a "grand")Engagement Party Theme: The Ring (ideas for planning a celebration of your engagement paying homage to your ring)Create-A-Cake (design your wedding cake online)

Peace and Joy

(photo courtesy of Gabriel Boone Photography)

Shakira & Jason: Autumn Candlelight

Today, I got to view another one of my couple's professional photos!  As always, the photographer, Airlangga Wattimena, did an awesome job and I'm so excited to share a few shots here.

I appointed Shakira my Autumn Candlelight bride for two reasons: 1) She set out to create an intimate candlelit event that exuded love and warmth; 2) She and her groom chose Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) to exchange vows, right in the thick of Fall.  So, we started with an inspiration board and through careful planning it all came together.  Shakira and Jason's primary concerns were their spirituality being acknowledged and celebrated throughout as well as lots of details to create a romantic ambiance.  Thus, Jason's father and uncle (both ministers) officiated and right before the bride walked down the aisle, a pair of praise dancers performed as a prelude to her entrance.  Other creative touches included a personalized aisle runner (designed by the groom), a wishing well in…

Ask Rashana: Cost Conscious

Dear Rashana,
What would be the best way to make your client feel he/she has maximized their funds correctly?

Cost Conscious

* * * * * * * * * *
Dear Cost Conscious,
I generally take 3 steps toward making sure my clients are at ease and confident that their funds will be maximized. The truth is their decision to hire and work with a planner/consultant already puts them 10 steps ahead of the game and the rest depends on proper research/education, realistic estimation and risk identification/management. My process usually includes the following:

1. Research/Education - After a couple has decided on a budget, it's very important to take it a step further and research exactly what wedding costs are in their area. Depending on what style or type event is to be planned each spending category can vary widely. For instance with food, a couple looking to hold a small gathering could find a lovely restaurant offering a family-style dinner with open bar and a wedding cake for $50 per perso…

What a Sweet Way to Ask, "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?"

I came home today to a small package marked "FRAGILE." After glancing at the return address and seeing the word "wedding" I assumed I had received another communication or sample from a wedding vendor interested in working with me. But to my surprise, the boxed contained a large cookie with my name printed up at the top. I was being asked to be a bridesmaid on a cookie! Wasn't that sweet?

Check out WeddingStand for other edible card options. There are tons of designs and embellishments to choose from as far as their selection of edibles, but there is also a plethora of favors, bridal accessories and gifts to browse.
- - - - - - - - - -
by Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director, THE BRIDAL PARTY

Flavor of the Month: December 2008

This month we're highlighting an essential nutrient that makes up 70-75% of the human body ... water! The bottled water trend is still very much alive, and for some, carrying just any bottle of water is just not cool. Luckily, there are a few much more favorable options.

Our FlAVORs of the Month for December 2008 are ...

Christian Lacroix "Prêt-à-Porter"
2008 Limited Edition Evian® Water
Evian® dressed in Christian Lacroix! The bottle comes decorated with glittering snowy crystals that charmingly symbolize the purity of this natural spring water. The coppiced lace pattern provides the bottle with a classic frosted feel and is reminiscent of the flora that can be found at the French Alps. Distinguished, understated and so very Lacroix, it will add that final touch of chic and elegance to every festive table.

Bling H2O Crystal-Encrusted Bottled Water More than a pretty taste ... calling itself “the Cristal of bottled water,” Bling H2O is pop culture in a bottle. It comes in l…

Happy Holidays, from The Andersons

I came across OfficeMax's Elf Yourself last year, and again I just couldn't resist! I had to join in the fun this year as well. So, here's to a good chuckle all the way from Central New Jersey.

Happy Holidays!

Send your own ElfYourselfeCards

I Love This Place!

A good wedding planner and perhaps a healthy budget can transform even an old musty barn into a magical romantic setting for the beginning of the rest of your life. But, if by chance the stars don't quite align, it's all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! The decor of certain venues and the character lying within certain historical sites can serve as the ultimate spring-board to the perfect ambiance for your event. Here are my favorite locations for weddings in our area:

The Pleasantdale Chateau, West Orange NJ
Beautiful estate, situated on 40 acres of formal gardens, rolling lawns and shaded ponds. Features a round grand ballroom, indoor pool and handsome honeymoon suite on the premises.

The Palm House at The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn NY
Victorian setting that is a replica of the original Garden Conservatory, surrounded by 52 acres of gardens. Conveniently located just 3 miles from New York City.

The Imperia, Somerset NJ
Only about 3 years old and allows for whimsical o…

Labor Of Love

Along with my mother and cousin, I'm planning one of the most important events of my year...the celebration of my great-grandmother's 100th birthday! My great-grandmother, who our family affectionately calls "Nanny," was born in 1908 and she's one of the most strong and beautiful women I know. She is the eldest of 23 siblings, mother of 3, grandmother of 7, great-grandmother of 8 and second great-grandmother of 7 and on December 27th (1 day after she becomes a centenarian), we will gather for lunch, music, reflection, fellowship, love and prayer to honor and celebrate her.
I designed invitations of a delicate brown and pink (pictured above) that are being mailed today and I am really excited. Even though my business is party planning, this is undoubtedly a labor of love. Her "Bubba" (the nickname she gave me as a baby and still fondly uses 30 years later) wouldn't have it any other way.

Rashana Anderson & The Bridal Party featured on The Smart Planner™ Blog!

The day I discovered The Smart Planner™ blog I was elated. It is brilliantly written by Arizona wedding planner Liene Stevens, owner of Blue Orchid Designs, and is a wonderful resource for wedding/event planners. I'm happy to say The Smart Planner™ blog has stretched my outlook on the business of wedding planning, therefore, I am so honored to now have been featured in the "Meet The Planners" series.
"The Smart Planner™ is committed to raising the bar and to providing business resources to wedding and event planners who share our core philosophies of professional excellence, generosity, integrity and good old-fashioned common sense."
Thanks Liene ... for featuring me as well as for providing such a phenomenal tool, challenging and coaching us wedding/event planners to never allow ourselves to stop growing, studying and serving.

Read the interview now.

This Week In History: Groom's Cakes, NJ Wedding Costs, Warm Save-The-Dates, Old Hollywood Glamour

Your After "Yes," Before "I Do" & Everything In Between blog archive reminder has arrived! Take a look back at what we were discussing this week, one year ago.
(photo courtesy of RedBliss) Picture-Perfect Party Dresses (a little holiday party-bound inspiration)Any Way You Slice It (6 extraordinary groom's cake ideas)What It Costs To Get Married (costs NJ brides-to-be should be prepared for)Save-The-Dates, All Bundled Up (winter save-the-date idea)Inspiration Board: Old Hollywood GlamourWater Closet Personalization (ways to spruce up your bathroom baskets)

Job Well Done

The Bridal Party's Autumn Candlelight Bride tied-the-knot this passed Friday night at The Richfield Regency. The bride and groom worked together with me for 10 months planning this romantic and intimate celebration which featured a chocolate/dahlia palette and loads of special touches such as a personalized aisle runner (designed by the groom), a wishing well in the place of a traditional guest book, a Swarovski crystal adorned canopy, custom menu cards and candles, candles, candles! This couple was such a pleasure to work with and all involved did an outstanding job.
Below are a few snapshots of the day ... but professional photographs are coming soon! Stay tuned.
Also, special thanks to Jocelyn for assisting (always an absolute life-saver).

P.S.  The groom is a graphic designer and decided to design and print the wedding programs himself, which came out beautifully.  When I saw the final version the night of the wedding, I noticed the couple added the following passage to the tha…