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Couture and Cake

It's no longer surprising that a bride, who wore a traditional white gown for her wedding ceremony, might don a completely different ensemble for her wedding reception.  These days it's almost expected.  And when this is the case for our clients, I usually offer the suggestion that they complement the wedding cake (or vice-versa).  This approach is sure to make an impressive statement and work really well during the holiday season.  For instance, here are some of my personal suggestions for the New Year's Eve bride:

(credits: #1- dress by Dorothy Perkins; cake by Sublime Bakery  #2 - dress by ADAM; cake by CrazyCakes  #3 - dress by Charlotte Eskildsen; cake by Sweet & Saucy Shop  #4 - dress by Marchesa; cake by Debbie Bone  #5 - dress byDiane von Furstenberg; cake by Sugarplum Visions  #6 - dress by Emanuel Ungaro; cake by Tallant House)

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by Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director, THE BRIDAL PARTY

Natural Appeal

Looking for a save-the-date that's far removed from the more common refrigerator magnets or calendar cards?  Then it's time to mosey over to White Aisle and check out their wood stationary!  These lovely pieces pack just enough of the "wow factor" most brides are looking for, while also conveying a modest and natural touch.  And White Aisle offers wood invitations as well.  Indeed a great find.
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by Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director, THE BRIDAL PARTY

Peace On Earth & Mercy Mild

We wish you, our extended family, a safe, healthy and happy Holiday Season
and may its peace and joy be with you throughout the coming year!
from the staff of The Bridal Party Extravagant Experiences and Stylish Soirées Full Service Wedding & Event Planning


... for its Founder & Managing Director, ME.  That's right, THE BRIDAL PARTY certainly does more than just weddings.  So when it came time to throw me a spur-of-the-moment baby shower, since my boy/girl twins arrived early back in September, it all came together ... in the most intimate way, focusing on love and family.  The chosen location was Dolce Hotel & Resort in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.  Of course I could have had a "sip-and-see," being that I'd already given birth ... but we opted for a traditional shower, just minus the big belly!  Another job well done.

The theme was "everything times two ... pink & blue" and included lots of whimsical elements (polka dot balloons, carousel horse centerpieces, miniature foods and a decadent ice-cream sundae bar).
Guests loved the "diaper-folded" napkins, tucked menu cards and Hershey kisses (1 pink, 1 blue) that graced each place setting.  Several attendees revealed they didn't want to us…