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"Farm Sweet Farm" 1st Birthday Party

My husband and I celebrated our baby twins, Jonah & Gia's, 1st birthday with a "Farm Sweet Farm" party last weekend.  The party was held at our home (aka The Anderson Farm) and our closest family and friends excitedly attended.  Honestly it's still difficult for us to believe a full year has gone by since they entered our lives, but one thing was clear from the beginning --- we had a lot to celebrate and we intended to do just that!

Everyone had loads of fun; they would've partied until the cows came home if we let them.  And since the guests of honor LOVE animals, the theme proved to be absolutely perfect for them and their guests.  To most, I'm known for planning amazing weddings and bridal celebrations by means of THE BRIDAL PARTY, so it was really a lot of fun to step outside of my comfort zone and show off my versatility and range.  I can't deny, this was FUN!  I'm still quite "giddy" about it all.
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REGISTRATION EXTENDED: Wedding Planner Certification Course

We announced earlier this week that an LWPI certified wedding- and event-planner course is starting soon at Union County College and the instructor is our Founder & Managing Director, Rashana Anderson.  So many of our friends, family and supporters have congratulated Rashana on this spectacular opportunity, but it's also a wonderful opportunity for all of you out there in New Jersey who dream of entering the wedding/event planning business yourselves.  

The hands-on program covers everything a wedding and event planner needs to know, including contracts, etiquette, flowers, music, day of services, marketing, industry business practices and application.  The program will provide students with all of the tools necessary to become a professional wedding and event planner. Students will also have the opportunity to participate at real local weddings and events for additional hands-on experience and graduates will receive an internationally recognized certification, post gradu…

Become an LWPI Certified Wedding/Event Planner with Rashana Anderson

Awesome news New Jersey!  An LWPI certified wedding- and event-planner course is starting soon at Union County College and the instructor is none other than our own Rashana Anderson, Founder & Managing Director of THE BRIDAL PARTY LLC. We couldn't be more thrilled!!
As many of our readers and clients know, Rashana (a Professional Bridal Consultant™) is a wedding singer-turned-wedding planner with over 11 years of experience in the wedding industry as well as in marketing, film/television and project management.  She built and established her business from the ground up in 2007 and has been successfully helping brides, grooms and their families create tremendously memorable events ever since.  Now, in partnering with The Wedding Planning Institute, a division of Lovegevity founded with the sole purpose of providing aspiring wedding planners with the best possible education, Rashana will share her experiences and knowledge with aspiring wedding/event planners during an 8-week c…

Quick Look: Isle to Aisle

The Bridal Party's Isle to Aisle couple were united in matrimony on September 3rd at Dolce Basking Ridge.  It was such a pleasure working with this bride and groom, for over a year, on this truly memorable event.  Their 123 guests were "WOW'd" by the location, the cuisine, the colors and design, and of course the love between two wonderful individuals.  The outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour were followed by a posh reception which featured signature cocktails, photo booth and a surprise African dance troupe performance.  The dance-floor was rarely empty ... guests continuously raved about how much fun they were having.

We look forward to sharing professional photos soon, but are glad to share a few amateur snapshots below for now:
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by Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director, THE BRIDAL PARTY

Engaged & Elated

Happy Friday!
Today, we're proud to share a few of our Isle to Aisle couple's engagement photos, courtesy of SoBitArtPhotography. Jamie and Nick are such a wonderful couple, truly a perfect "match," and we couldn't be more excited for their wedding THIS WEEKEND! Our team has worked diligently on the gorgeous design and details of their nuptials.  Jamie and Nick officially reside in the Washington D.C. area, but trusted THE BRIDAL PARTY with their celebration and we're proud to predict each and every one of their guests are in for a treat!

Enjoy ...
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by Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director, THE BRIDAL PARTY