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Over-thinking It = Overdoing it

The holidays are prime time for new engagements, so CONGRATULATIONS to all of you who found that little box in your stocking.  You're a bride-to-be, you're ecstatic and you can not wait to get started planning.  Please just resist the urge to over-think your wedding.  What do I mean by over-think?  Let's consider a few examples ...
Example #1: Perusing 100s of wedding blogs and magazines, and attempting to cram 100s of different ideas into your ONE wedding.  Example #2: Selecting an extremely specific color scheme (that could probably only exist on a computer) and demanding that every single aspect of your wedding decor follow it to a "T."  Example #3: DVR'ing 5 different wedding reality shows and pressuring your vendors to duplicate/copy/follow the work of others, ignoring their own individual talent.Example #4: Giving your photographer 100s of "must-have" photos or providing your DJ with a full 5-hours of "must-play" songs or demanding y…

Joyful and Triumphant

(photo courtesy of Amy Lashelle Photography)

Jamie & Nick: Isle To Aisle

We shared snapshots of our Isle To Aislewedding back in September but, to our delight, professional photos became available today!

We'd worked with this couple for over a year prior to their big day, via satellite (since they reside in the Washington, D.C. / Northern Virginia area).  We partnered on each and every detail of their wedding, from selecting the venue, to incorporating their African and Caribbean heritages, to the intricate design of their wedding cake; and it all came together on September 3rd at Dolce Basking Ridge.  The ceremony and cocktail hour took place within the venue's handsome courtyard as guests were treated to the soothing sounds of a jazz duo.  The outdoor festivities were followed by a posh reception which featured signature cocktails, photo booth and a surprise African dance troupe performance.  The dance-floor was rarely empty ... guests continuously raved about how much fun they were having.

The chosen color scheme was a phenomenal hit, I th…

Color Me BAR

In wedding planning, selecting a theme can be quite involved and sometimes pretty cumbersome.  Just remember, you don't have to build an event around a "Vintage Chic" or "Romantic Candlelight" theme ... actually, color all by itself goes a long way.

Now, I'm sure you've already thought of laying the foundation of your colored theme by means of the bridesmaid dresses, linens and flowers.  Just don't forget the bar.  YES, that's right, the traditionally color-free zone where over half of your guests will spend most of their time during your wedding reception.  Think: Decorative Drinkware!  Bring color to your signature drinks and even those commonplace glasses of Pinot Noir.  It's totally fine to include your color scheme at the bar and most reputable party rental companies offer a wide range of options.

Check out some of our favs:
Classy Twist The Marais collection features a single hand-blown frosted stripe twirled around the glass from to…

Watch Your "Tone" ... It's a HOT One This Year

If you're tying the knot this year and haven't already chosen your wedding color scheme or you're looking for the perfect accent hue, remember to reference Pantone's "color of the year," which is TANGERINE TANGO

An orange with loads of depth, 2012's signature color is both sophisticated and seductive.  Take a look at a few of our favorite ways to incorporate TANGERINE TANGO into your wedding:
(photos courtesy of flickr, The Visual Vamp, Best Dress Shop, Invitations by Ajalon and Just Cake)
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by Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director, THE BRIDAL PARTY

My Cup(cake) Runneth Over

As 2011 draws to a close most of us in the events industry are pondering what'll be in for 2012, and of course what'll be OUT.  Cupcakes took the world by storm several years back and have held a pretty tight grip on weddings, showers, birthdays, BBQ's - you name it!  Let's face it, this cute little ditty was even big and bold enough to knock the traditional wedding cake right off its pretty filigree pedestal; socould this monster of a trend be coming to an end?

While cupcake stand rentals are still helping most bakery bottom lines, it seems folks are ready and willing to move on, considering the plethora of other options in the world of confections (like pie, cookies, cake balls, push-pops and doughnuts). We've even noticed bedazzled bon-bons bogard their way into all of our hearts.  Regardless, people LOVE mini-anything, so even if cupcakes are being asked to take a temporary bow, it's safe to say they'll be back.  Especially if they continue to come in f…