Sunday, February 17, 2008

DJ or Live Band?

For 5+ years, I had the priviledge of performing with one of the most applauded wedding/event bands in the tri-state area, Cashmere. Cashmere is the top band within Barry Herman Entertainment and are simply phenomenal (not just in my biased opinion).

Through my experience performing, I was able to become at home with celebrations that stemmed from a multitude of cultures and styles. I can still sing "Hava Nagila" in my sleep! Prior to performing with Cashmere, I thought hiring a DJ was more than enough for weddings. And while for certain celebrations this is true, nothing compares to a live band (especially if you hired a band like Cashmere who is extraordinarily versatile). So, when it comes time to advise clients on entertainment, I usually suggest having a live band or both a DJ and a band for the perfect party. This way, there's something for everyone: the young, the old, the modest, the party-animals ... they're all covered.

Thus, it goes without saying that I would highlight Cashmere here on my blog. After many wonderful years traveling, singing and dancing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday became too time-consuming, so I was forced to give it up. Nevertheless, I am so grateful for the experience, because much like wedding/event planning, nothing compares to helping to make the client's once-in-a-lifetime unequivocally unforgettable.

Here's a video montage of Barry Herman Entertainment's musicians ... starting with Cashmere!

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