Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Por Favor!

Edible wedding favors are definitely one of the hottest trends, as people move away from personalized ribbon-laden trinkets that sit atop mantles collecting dust for years or end up in the trash can as soon as the warm-and-fuzzy post-wedding feeling wears off (typically around 30-60 days). Gifting wedding guests with treats for their taste buds is certainly a grand alternative and the choices are endless ... from personalized olive oil to caramel or candy apples ... from chocolate-covered strawberries to wedding-themed cookies.

Check out my list of the latest in edibles:

#1: Godiva White Chocolate Couture Favors
Sylvia Weinstock inspired wedding cake shaped chocolates, filled with hazelnut praline. Come is sets of 4. Also available in milk chocolate. (godiva.com)

#2: "Nothing is Sweeter Than Love" Personalized Lemonade
Several themes, colors and messages are available. Each pouch contains 1 oz. of Premium Blend of powdered Lemonade mix. Directions printed on the back. (momentsofelegance.com)

#3: Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds Wedding Favors
Perfect for filling smaller favor boxes. Available in many beautiful colors such as light pink, black, baby blue, brown, canary yellow, lavender, lime, orange, red, sage, and white. (americanbridal.com)

#4: Personalized Wine For Every Taste
Wines can be chosen to match your celebration and are perfect for the occasional sipper and the wine connoisseur. Red, white and rose' wines available with personalized labels. (signaturewines.com)

#5: Mini Gumball Slot Machines
Delicious treats with every spin! Perfect for a Las Vegas or casino themed event. For guests of all ages. Dispensers come pre-filled. (beau-coup.com)

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