Friday, June 20, 2008

Why Just Have One?

Lots of brides and grooms are interested in having assorted flavors for their wedding cake. Usually, couples will opt to alternate flavors/fillings among tiers ... which can mean a larger cake. But, why not try multiple cakes? Guests will be treated to a variety of flavors as well as different culinary designs!

Check out these combinations for a few popular color palettes:

Chocolate / Deep Yellow
Burnt Orange / Red
Celadon / Pink
Cake Credits (left to right):
Top Photo: Confetti Cakes
Chocolate / Deep Yellow: Cake Girls (left), Blanchard's Bakery (right)
Burnt Orange / Red: Polly's Cakes (left), Montclair Baking (right)
Celadon / Pink: photo courtesy of The Bride's Cafe (middle), Cheryl Kleinman Cakes (right)
Lime/Mango: Cakes Unique (left), Gail Watson Custom Cakes (middle), Elegant Cheese Cakes (right)

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