Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cham"painless" Flutes

I was lucky enough to have received a set of gorgeous Swarovski Crystalline toasting flutes for my wedding from co-workers. And, my August 3rd bride had a pair of engraved "Park Avenue" beauties, drenched in Austrian crystals, from Things Remembered (pictured above). But not everyone is willing to sacrifice such a pretty penny on this sort of keepsake.

So ... here are a few very affordable options, courtesy of Target!

  1. "Vina" - set of 6 for $19.99
  2. "Magnifico" - set of 4 for $24.99
  3. Jean M. "Flared" - set of 2 for $30.99
  4. "Esperienze" - set of 4 for $29.99
  5. "Atelier" - set of 4 for $29.99

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