Thursday, November 6, 2008

Attendant Gifts / Favors That Make Scents

Nowadays there are a multitude of scented candles on the market. They come in all shapes, sizes and qualities. But if you're considering selecting one as a gift (perhaps for your wedding party) or even to use as favors to your wedding guests, they're still a really grand idea!

Here are a few of the most inviting and impressive ...

Savory essence of the Peruvian guava fruit combined with the luscious scent of red currant inspired by the legendary singer Yma Sumac. Burn time, 60 hours.
Blend of fresh rasberries, apricots, violet and wet moss. This gorgeous fragrance is poured into a large pale pink scalloped vessel etched with the Boronia bud, nestled in a pink box emblazoned with oversized Boronia flowers, all held securely closed with a black silk ribbon. Burn time, 60+ hours.
Le Cherche Midi's signature fragrance...brings to life a tranquil ocean-side retreat where swaying beach grass, sun-dried driftwood, and summer herbs stir thoughts of sunset walks with family and friends. Packaged in a reusable, silk-lined, 100% recycled wood box. Burn time, 40 hours.
Seductive and irresistible, this heady fragrance is enhanced with violet and freesia to make a lasting impression. Packaged in Seda France's wildly popular pagoda box, each hand-poured candle in this collection is so gorgeously packaged, it doesn't even need gift wrapping.
Trapp promises "a bottle of perfume in every candle," and they deliver! This one is influenced by a tropical white flower with an intense, heady floral fragrance – suggestive of a gardenia, only more powerful and memorable. Burn time, 40 hours.
Blended with Seville orange, green leaf, jasmine petals, waterflowers, cedarwood and velvet moss to create a romantic, elegant atmosphere. Enclosed in a reusable silver-plated holder with a triple-ribbed design and twisted and exquisitely presented in a beautiful, gold-edged pink box with gold lettering.

Archipelago "Monogram B" Candle
Infused with flowery scents of Bougainvilla & Tuberose, each Archipelago soy candle from the Monogram Collection is hand-poured and packaged in a beautiful monogrammed box with a crystal knob. Burn time, 60 hours.
Note: It's no coincidence that Archipelago's "Monogram B" Candle is especially reminiscent of The Bridal Party's brand. All of our clients receive this complimentary beauty as a thank you and congratulatory gift from us!

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