Monday, March 9, 2009

It's The BIG 5-0, Doll-lin'

Mattel prefers everyone refer to Barbie's milestone as an anniversary as opposed to a birthday.  After all, Barbie® is one of the most iconic of flaunting middle-aged status doesn't seem all together appealing.  But there's no way this would be ignored or downplayed, therefore Barbie® lovers across the world are celebrating (including yours truly). So move over Beyoncé, this is the real B'Day! has announced Barbie® will officially celebrate her birthday today, exactly 50 years to the day she was introduced on the market.  And guess who's putting it all together?  "Event-planner-to-the-stars Colin Cowie will help throw an outrageously pink birthday celebration at–where else?–a full size Malibu Dream House®, styled and decorated by famed "Happy Chic" interior designer Jonathan Adler. With features such as skirted, corseted, lace-up “dress” chairs, a chandelier made of Barbie® hair, a closet filled with thousands of shoes, a sunburst mirror made from 65 Barbie® dolls, and a garage that includes a real Barbie® Volkswagen New Beetle car (all pink with a motorized, pop up vanity in the trunk), the 3500 square foot house will play backdrop to what is sure to be the most talked about pink-carpet birthday bash of the year."  The event is by invitation only, nevertheless, photos of the event will be released shortly after.  In the meantime, here's a rendering of the Malibu Dream House's living room by Jonathan Adler:

For Barbie®, fashion has always been fundamentally important and it goes without saying that she was a beautiful bride...many, many times.  These are a few of my favorite looks of Barbie® as a bride:

But when Barbie® wasn't walking down the aisle she always kept busy with multiple careers and of course was always sporting the best trends.  During Fashion Week, a special Bryant Park tent show was put on in Barbie's honor.  Befittingly, fifty designers participated.  Watch the show now...

Happy Birthday, Barbie...and many more!

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