Friday, March 11, 2011

Be A Guest At The Royal Wedding!

People around the world are anticipating the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Some would argue, it's the wedding of the year. I'd argue, it's the next most important wedding ... next to those of our own brides and grooms, of course! Still, folks are planning to attend the royal couple's wedding "via satellite" (by way of television, to be specific) and are even orchestrating parties in honor of the event. London will feature multitudes of celebrations on April 29th from street parties to pubs to grand ballroom extravaganzas. According to "The London Evening Standard ... there are already 70 road closure applications made in 13 of London's 33 local authorities and up to 200 parties already in the works." But there will be just as many gatherings in people's homes everywhere, so why not join in the fun and throw your own Royal Wedding Party? Invite your friends and family, start around 5am EST, serve breakfast or brunch and enjoy!

Here are a couple of items to help get the party started:
 (cupcake kit, platter, teapot vases, napkins courtesy of Plum Party)

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Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director, THE BRIDAL PARTY


Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Sounds like it'll be huge fun! And those London cupcake toppers are too cute!

engagement rings Dublin said...

Wedding of the century, how amazing would it be to be there.

grace @ wedding favors said...

Hi, this is surely going to be a beautiful royal wedding. And everyone will be celebrating with them. The cupcake kit is sooo cute! :)

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