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Stay Inspired, Be An Inspiration

Sometimes it feels as if the misconception that "wedding planning is easy" runs rampant.  I tell ya, nowadays just about everyone wants to do it (or at least thinks they can do it).  On the contrary, wedding planning is HARD WORK folks!  It's certainly much more than selecting colors/themes, browsing wedding magazines and scheduling appointments.  Still, for those of us who excel at it, it's some of the most fulfilling and rewarding work we willingly dedicate ourselves to.  Personally, I thrive in it and I love finding ways to stay inspired.

Stay inspired, how?  Well ... for me inspiration comes in the most random ways.  It's important for designers of all types to stay inspired and for me it's like food.  I find inspiration in my successes, but even more in my failures.  And today I thought, why not share a little of how I stay inspired with you?

I Make Sure My Mind Is Always Open
I challenge myself to stay in a student's state of mind.  I have accepted that my training will never end.  It's likely I will always shy away from the titles "expert" and "guru."  It's not that I don't think I'm great at what I do, but I never want to stop learning or exploring new possibilities.  I keep my opinions soft and therefore my thoughts stay flexible.  This way I never allow myself to get into a rut.  I never allow myself to get too comfortable with any one idea.

I Take Pictures
Hence my "random relay" blog posts, I frequently snap photos of random objects of inspiration with my BlackBerry.  It amazes me how impactful these images are when I thumb through them later ... and quite frankly, how beautiful some of them are.  Sometimes seemingly less purposeful objects bring out the best in our lives by giving us a deeper glimpse into our own psyche.

I Visit Inspirational Sites
There's so much going on out in the world of creativity.  And of course, the internet has placed it all at our finger tips.  My 12 year Marketing and Film Editing background keeps me on my toes too.  So, I enjoy perusing sites like Ads Of The World, The Inspiration Room and Flickr.  I also enjoy reading my coveted list of about 20 blogs each and every morning, because following many of my colleagues who love to stay inspired as well further pushes me.

I Take Time To Marvel At The World
Even though life gets busy and it's easy to get caught up in the daily-grind, I try to find ways to stop and absorb the beauty of all that goes on around me.  It could be the sky's color during sunset, a red robin flying almost silently through the trees, a small patch of green grass, a mother pushing her child's stroller.  Anything.  Because  it is all beautiful ... and I follow it up with sincere closed eye "Thank You."

I'm often presented with the question, "how do you do it all?"  Well, I'd never lie and say it's easy running a business, running a household and being a Mommy of twins.  But I will say it's a labor of love and it's a JOY ... to do what I truly love on all fronts, to be an integral part of one of the most significant events of my client's lives, to enjoy the blessings that surround me ... there's nothing like it.

Here's to YOU being inspired today and everyday!

- - - - - - - - - - 
by Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director, THE BRIDAL PARTY


Wendy said…
Great post! While it is often hard to stay inspired, loving what you do- as do I, is key! In this industry where every new bride thinks this is a glamor job, the competition can seem daunting. but, for those of us who know the real hard work and rewards that come with the job, it is all worth it. I read your blog and enjoy your "inspired greatness"!
What an inspiring post! :D It can be seen in your photo that you are fulfilled and contented with what you do. You are very beautiful. :D Nothing beats having an open mind in dealing with things. That will make you stay positive and become an inspiration to everyone.

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