Monday, June 11, 2012

Quick Look: Farm Fête

The Bridal Party's Farm Fête couple tied the knot on June 9th at Highlands Farm in beautiful Blaistown, New Jersey.  This gorgeous farm and surrounding land has been in the groom's family for many years, so it was decided very early on it would be the perfect location for both the ceremony and reception.  It was also clear, from the beginning, the wedding was to be a true reflection of who the bride and groom are as individuals as well as who they are as a couple ... easygoing, fun and charming.

One of our most anticipated events this season, the celebration of Claire and Michael Paul's nuptials was humble, modest and meek - just perfect.  Instead of adding "black-tie" to the invitations, we urged everyone to "leave their heels at home."  Each and every goal we set together months ago was achieved, plus our prayers against rain were graciously answered.  From the school bus shuttles to the create-your-own cupcake and s'mores bar to the moonbounce for adults and cowboy boots, we successfully achieved the folksy atmosphere we set out create and guests truly had a ball!

We can barely contain our excitement to share our full recap and professional photos soon, but luckily we're able to display several on-the-spot snapshots below:

Our team and vendors pulled off a truly memorable event for this couple.  We worked hard, but managed to have a little fun too.  What a fabulous day!
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by Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director, THE BRIDAL PARTY LLC


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what a beautiful wedding full of fun details!

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Wonderful, great pictures... Thank you for sharing...

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