Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Malinda Williams' Wedding Blog

Essence.com is featuring a special wedding blog written by actress Malinda Williams, a New Jersey native who'll soon marry Derrick Jones, better known as D-Nice (member of mid-80s hip-hop group, Boogie Down Productions). So far, the blog only features 4 posts, but it's down-to-earth and really interesting.

I so look forward to the wedding story and photos because these two are so in love!

Here's a video that Derrick created for Malinda right before they officially started dating. They were still "just friends" then, but both were having romantic thoughts toward one another behind the scenes. I must say, this is an extremely clever and courageous way for a man to express his feelings for a woman. I love it!

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Anonymous said...

That video was absolutely beautiful. Great job D-Nice. I pray that God bless the two of you for many years to come.

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