Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Memorializing Loved Ones

Last night, one of my clients asked how she and her fiancé could effectively yet appropriately honor loved ones who have passed on during their wedding. I've seen this done in many ways over the years, like dedicating the ceremony on the wedding program, the lighting of a memory candle, the setting aside of a certain number of empty chairs and even the ringing of bells during a short moment of silence. But for this couple, I recommended the following simple passage to be spoken by their officiant during the ceremony, to uplift their guests as they honored their deceased loved ones:

"Before we begin our celebration today, BRIDE and GROOM would like us all to take a moment to remember those family members who can not be with them today. Although death has separated them from us physically, faith and love has bound us to them eternally. Though we cannot see them, we know they are here. Though we cannot touch them, we feel the warmth of their smiles and their love surrounds BRIDE and GROOM as they begin this new chapter in their lives. Now ... please join us in a loving and joyful moment of silence."

How did you or do you plan to memorialize your loved ones at your wedding?

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Anonymous said...

Wedding is the symbol of truth and bound two person in eternal bond. Although death can separate them from each other physically, faith and love bound them eternally.I am recommending this blog to some friends who are planning their wedding. Thank you for this help.

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