Wednesday, October 8, 2008

FlAVOR of the Month: October 2008

This month I found a favor that's quite traditional...but with a personalized twist.  Our FlAVOR of the Month for October 2008 is ...

The Personalized Hershey Kiss from Beau-Coup
Hershey’s has been making chocolate candy since 1907.  For couples looking for the classic American treat to pass out on their wedding day, look no further.  You are even able to choose full-size bars or miniatures if you like.  Plus, Beau-Coup guarantees exquisite printing so your favors will look classy and professional.

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Vanessa Joy said...

These are so cute! I think I'm going to use these to give out to some of my clients when I meet with them. Who doesn't like chocolate, right?

~Vanessa Joy

Rashana of The Bridal Party LLC said...

That's an awesome idea Vanessa! I hadn't thought of that.

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