Monday, August 17, 2009

The State of the Union

While flipping through my most recent copy of Brides New Jersey Magazine, I came across their latest at-a-glance review of what's happening in weddings, what wedding trends should be on their way out and what's on the horizon. The article is always pretty funny, and accurate, so I thought I'd share a few items on their list with you:

The 15 minutes during which these ideas remain compelling are almost up.

  • ECO-EVERYTHING: The marketing hype over green wedding products has left us rolling our eyes-and, more importantly, no closer to taking better care of the planet.
  • WEDDING TCHOTCHKES: Now more than ever, doodads and junkables seem not only silly, but tastelessly wasteful.
  • CRAZY BRIDES: Dear Movie Studio and Television Execs, it IS possible to be a young bride and not a crazy person at the same time.  Enough with all the vapid, dumb-girl stereotypes.
  • COLORED SASHES: It's a seven-year trend that's feeling it's age.
  • DAMASK: We loved it.  Then this ornate motif appeared on every surface imaginable.  Now it's looking a little stale.
  • PICK-UP SKIRTS: There are far more modern ways to embellish your bottom half.

These trends are on their way to becoming mainstream - grab them now while they're still hot.
  • PORTRAIT STATIONS: Photographers are now helping couples set up portrait stations to capture each and every guest.
  • SILHOUETTES: A classic for centuries, the recent silhouette trend has couples putting their profiles on everything from cookies to invitations.
  • TURQUOISE/RED: We like that this vibrant, gender-neutral combo is taking off.
  • OLD-FASHIONED LAWN GAMES: Bocce ball, croquet, and horseshoes give non-dancers something to do.  Note: The Bridal Party's Rustic Romance Bride's guests had a ball playing horseshoes while the band played everyone's favorite tunes!
  • CANDY BUFFETS: Maybe it's the sugar rush, but brides have taken this idea and run, jumped, and flown with it.  Note: The Bridal Party's RU Pink Bride worked with Rashana to create a spectacular display of PINK goodies that WOW'd each and every guest, young and old!
  • MARIACHI BANDS: A festive choice of entertainment, these bands are being seen at all types of weddings.  The Bridal Party's Chocolate Twist Bride featured a phenomenal mariachi band during her one-and-a-half hour cocktail hour, which was a huge hit! 
  • ENGAGEMENT SHOOTS: We've been suggesting these forever and they've finally become par for the course.

We've caught only a fleeting glimpse, but know we want to see more.
  • THE WEDDING PARTY IN ALL WHITE: In ancient Roman times, the bridesmaids dressed in the same color as the bride to confuse evil spirits whose intent was to harm her.  Now we just think this "upscale estate" style looks incredibly elegant in photos.
  • TANGERINE/COBALT: This combo is strong, fresh, and modern.
  • BIRDCAGE VEILS: This retro look is also quite flattering and practical.  Plus, there won't be anything obscuring your gown's neckline or back.
  • MULTIPLE WEDDING CAKES: A towering, sugar-flower-heaped wedding cake seems out of place at a quiet, at-home wedding.  Trade it in for several smaller, simple cakes displaced on cute cake stands.
  • RENTED JUKEBOX AT THE RECEPTION: After the band packs up, keep the dance floor jumping by letting your guests call the shots - just think of all the good-natured ribbing when Uncle Joe chooses "Sussudio" again.
  • CREATE-YOUR-OWN-MOJITO BAR: Froufrou signature drinks with cutesy names that match your wedding colors seem a bit twee.  Let guests art-direct their own mojitos with a spread of tropical fruits and syrups.
  • GOSPEL CHOIR AT THE CEREMONY: It's one of those grand statements that feels oh so moving - there won't be a dry eye in the house.
  • BRIGHT, COLORFUL HEELS UNDER THE WEDDING GOWN:  Hooray! No more frights in white satin.
- - - - - - - - - -
by Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director, THE BRIDAL PARTY

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