Monday, February 15, 2010

Inspiration Board: Vintage Romance

I'm working with a couple planning a late-October wedding who've chosen to design their event based upon the theme, "Vintage Romance." Now, any busy wedding planner will tell you...nowadays anything "vintage" is all the rage with brides-to-be. But exactly what does it mean? The truth is, it means lots of things. Just take a look at what says:

vin⋅tage [vin-tij]
1. the wine from a particular harvest or crop.
2. the annual produce of the grape harvest, esp. with reference to the wine obtained.
3. an exceptionally fine wine from the crop of a good year.
4. the time of gathering grapes, or of winemaking.
5. the act or process of producing wine; winemaking.
6. the class of a dated object with reference to era of production or use: a hat of last year's vintage.

7. of or pertaining to wines or winemaking.
8. being of a specified vintage: Vintage wines are usually more expensive than nonvintage wines.
9. representing the high quality of a past time: vintage cars; vintage movies.
10. old-fashioned or obsolete: vintage jokes.
11. being the best of its kind: They praised the play as vintage O'Neill.

–verb (used with object)
12. to gather or harvest (grapes) for wine-making: The muscats were vintaged too early.
13. to make (wine) from grapes: a region that vintages a truly great champagne.

–verb (used without object)
14. to harvest grapes for wine-making.

Told ya! The word has many meanings, which allows any bride-to-be having a "vintage" wedding to interpret it anyway she pleases. Have fun with it, girls!

As for my "Vintage Romance" bride, planning is well under say. Arrangements for a live swing band have already been made. Specialty lighting, linens and rentals are pending. And where decor is concerned, we've decided to build an ambiance of candlelight and infuse Autumn hues of eggplant and pistachio. This will be a truly magnificient event. I couldn't be more excited! Here's my first inspiration board for this couple's nuptials.

Credits (top, left to right): Gourmet Caramel Apples - Mrs. Prindables Handmade Confections; Eggplant Pleated Halter Bridesmaid Dress - Jim Hjelm Occasions; Vintage Romance Floral Centerpiece; Sheer & Ruffled Chairbacks - Wildflower Linen; Monogrammed Tea Cups by Anthropologie (photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty); Westmount Country Club; Pistachio Macaroons (photo courtesy of Sugar Head blog); Oyster Silk Shantung Bridal Gown - Alvina Valenta; Exotic 4-Piece Truffle Collection - Vosges Haut-Chocolat; Silk Flower Girl Dress w/ Apron Sash - Little Flowers by Odyssey; White Anemone Chair Detail (photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty); Couture Vintage-Style Cake; Place Cards tucked into Gemstones (photo courtesy of InStyle Weddings); Laser Engraved Acrylic Invitation - MODERNpress; Miniature Blueberry Pancakes; Personalized Purple Hershey Kisses (photo courtesy of TheKnot); Eggplant Banded Letterpress Invitation Set - EASTSIX

- - - - - - - - - -
By Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director, THE BRIDAL PARTY


Rebecca said...

Weird! I just went to my friend's wedding & she had "vintage romance" as her theme! It was absolutely gorgeous... and by the looks of your inspiration board, this wedding will be gorgeous as well. My friend's colors were yellow, off-white, and gray. Mercury glass, old family pictures, etc... lovely!

Anonymous said...

I totally support that! Continue that way!

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