Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You Deserve A WEDDING Today ... at McDonald's

Not only are many of the most popular hotels, resorts and restaurants now offering wedding packages, but Hong Kong has become the first place in the world to offer wedding packages at McDonald's!  My husband brought an interesting CNN International article to my attention today and I couldn't help but share.
Hong Kong will be the first city in the world to roll out McDonald’s nuptial packages for couples starting January 1 next year.
The package has all the details to attract a wedding banquet cynic or a Golden Arches obsessive: a baked apple pie wedding cake, dress made out of party balloons, kiddie party favors for guests, and of course, catering by McDonald’s.
Alcohol is banned to make sure there won’t be drunk party guests acting inappropriately at the family venue, so newly weds will have to toast their union with soft drinks instead.
The cost will be a few thousand Hong Kong dollars, depending on what guests order on the spot. It’s unlikely that the couple will be able to book the entire restaurant for their wedding, but at that price, who cares if there are babies screaming in the booth next doors?
The idea came about when one couple who met and dated at McDonald’s held their wedding party at the Admiralty branch this year, according to McDonald's Hong Kong director of corporate communications and relations Helen Cheung.
Cheung tells the South China Morning Post that the chain has been getting 10 calls a month from people who wanted to throw their wedding bash at McDonald's joints.
McDonald’s Hong Kong will also be accepting bookings for engagement parties and wedding anniversary parties starting today.
McDonald’s nuptial parties are only available at their Admiralty, Mei Foo and Smithfield branches for the time being, but the management will consider other venues if feedback is enthusiastic.

Interesting, to say the least.
Would you ever consider toasting your wedding vows over a couple of Big Macs?

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by Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director, THE BRIDAL PARTY

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Liz (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Hhhmmm...a novel idea. But may take a while to catch on, if at all!

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