Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Inspiration Board: Peachy Keen

I mentioned a couple of months ago, when we debuted our Blue to the Bone inspiration board, that while I'm a LOVER of bold color (the bolder, the better), this wedding season I've favored more delicate palettes.  It's true.  As television personality Wendy Williams would say, "I've gone all soft and pink" ... or should we say peach!  Peach tends to get a bum rap, perhaps due to its popularity throughout the 70s and 80s.  But everyone knows even the strangest of trends return eventually.  Yet to ensure it's set apart from any pre-21st century wedding remnants, we've paired it with gray.  What'dya think?

Credits (top, left to right): Peach Wedding Gown - Vera Wang; Miniature "Present" Cake - Beau-Coup; Pearl Silver Necklace - Daria Imports; Peach Candles; Peach, Gray Bouquet; Peach Chanel Shoes (photo courtesy of Elizabeth Messina Photography); Peach and Gray Bridesmaid Dress - Jim Hjelm; Handmade Wedding Invitation - Momental Designs

- - - - - - - - - -
by Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director, THE BRIDAL PARTY


Leagh@bunchesdirect said...

Great inspiration board!Sweet soft colors! Have to say,delicious! Thank you for sharing!

Adele said...

Hi !
Where can I find the peach chanel shoes ?
Any idea ?

Thanks !

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