Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Back! (tap, tap, tap ... is this thing on?)

Well hello there, friends!  I know, I know, I know ... it's been a long while since I've written or participated in our dialog together, and while there are so many reasons why, in the end I needed to step away, reflect, recharge and refocus.  And now, I'm back!  

Generally at the beginning of each new year, I recap the previous year's accomplishments and gains.  Not this time.  Instead I'm humbly preparing for the changes and growth to come.  That's right, there are a few big changes coming down the pike and I'm hoping you'll stay tuned. 

Bottom line: running a business challenges you. It challenges your endurance, it challenges your relationships, it even challenges your character ... but for all of this I'm grateful. And while 2013 is sure to bring about new challenges, more importantly on my horizon is a change of focus.

Hope you'll join me for the journey!

(please keep your hands and feet inside the car until the ride has come to a complete stop)


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