Thursday, January 24, 2013

Old Habits Die Hard...or Not: PAPER by Paperless Post

Living in what some call the "Digital Age," our lives are governed by virtual tools.  More than telephoning, we catch up with friends and family by Facebook, email or text.  We view/cherish each other's photos online as opposed to flipping through actual albums or asking to have copies made.  And instead of waiting for the mailman to see if you've been invited to a special event, most times invitations are waiting for you in your email inbox.  The company, Paperless Post, made a name for itself doing just that, allowing people to send visually interactive and engaging invitations/cards by email.  I excitedly used their service for two of my children's big events, their dedication and 2nd birthday party.  But, to my surprise, PAPER by Paperless Post emerged a few months back for those of us who still look forward to receiving an actual envelope in our mailboxes.  Admittedly, finding out Paperless Post (having over 1.5 million registered users) wasn't going to be "paperless" anymore seemed odd but at least now there's something for everyone.

As a proud paper-lover, I doubt I'll ever completely abandon printed invites, but what I like most about Paperless Post is their premium capabilities.  You even have the option to print your online invites on high quality stock!  Furthermore, their cloud based system makes personalizing your invitations an easy and beautiful experience.

Brides, be sure to check out the following key features:
·         Exclusive Designs – Paperless Post will offer a wide selection of exclusive designs including collaborative styles from kate spade new york, Mr. Boddington, Linda & Harriett, Indigo Bunting, Bernard Maisner and more.
·         Address Collector feature - digital invitations and save the date options include a great new address collector feature that lends itself to a seamless process when announcing the wedding date, allowing you to compile all mailing addresses for your guests in preparation of sending out the physical wedding invitation.
·         Mix and Match – Paperless Post offers the versatility of mixing and matching both digital and printed invitations all in the same design scheme.
·         RSVP management and tracking

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by Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director, THE BRIDAL PARTY LLC

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