Thursday, February 14, 2013

Translating Personal Style into Bridal Style - Part III

In parts 1 and 2 of my series on how to translate your personal style into your wedding design and look, we focused on the Glam Tomboy and the Business BeautyToday, part 3 continues with the BRADSHAW BELLE (affectionately named after the Sex & The City character "Carrie Bradshaw"):

The Bradshaw Belle is stylish, creative, spontaneous and emotional.  Her closet's full of pieces that epitomize her personality.  She loves color, bold patterns and layering, which in most cases leads her to pairing unique combinations together.  There are times when she'd rather be simple, but there always has to be a twist.  She's a risk-taker above all else.

If you're a Bradshaw Belle, consider these inspirations for your wedding:

Infuse a Bohemian-chic vibe into your attire, it's trendy yet nostalgic at the same time.  Knowing you'd never consider skimping on shoes, be sure to go with the snazziest pair of Christian Louboutins you can find.  Also, give your nails added attention with applique-like embellishments that complement your dress.  Go the non-traditional, vintage route with table numbers and escort cards ... if you're a writer, use books ... if you love antiques, collect and share old-world keys.  Instead of 100% floral, do 50% feather.  Make the black and white anemone front and center; she's a pistol just like you.  Bring your hometown into the mix (in Carrie's case, this would be NYC), but take care in not  being too literal - something like a mini replica of the 6th Ave "LOVE" sculpture as a wedding cake topper is perfect.  And last but not least, channel Chanel!  Incorporate navy, beige and gray (Chanel staple colors) and don't forget wool or quilted napkins along with pearls.  Congratulations, Bradshaw Belle

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by Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director, THE BRIDAL PARTY LLC

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