Thursday, February 21, 2013

Translating Personal Style into Bridal Style - Part IV

Part 4 of my series on how to translate your personal style into your wedding design and look is here!  We've already explored the Glam Tomboy, Business Beauty and Bradshaw BelleToday we continue with the DIAMOND DIVA:

The Diamond Diva is high-maintenance.  Some would consider her flashy and flamboyant, but it's mostly due to her ability to command a great deal of attention.  She seeks out only the very best and tends to follow celebrity trends.  Still, she likes to be exclusive and one-of-a-kind stays top of mind.  WOW factor is her middle name.  She makes no apologies for innate expensive taste.

If you're a Diamond Diva, consider these inspirations for your wedding:

Sometimes, it's all about location ... therefore, Destination Paris!  After all, what's better than the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop?  Secure a venue that holds lots of history and refrain from modifying it too much.  A museum cafe or castle-like hotel would be perfect.  Be sure to take advantage of texture and pattern, particularly when choosing the perfect gown.  Every detail should be dressed-up - place lucite menu cards on your dinner tables, affix bow-ties to the shot glasses on the bar, cover chairs with satin, rhinestones and feathers.  Personalized bottle labels aren't quite your style, so go over the top with bling H2O.  And put lots of thought (and sparkle) into your entrance and exit, as both need to be GRAND.  Consider an alternative to the traditional cake table as well, like a hanging bed of flowers.  Finally, dress your flower girl and bridesmaids in couture, to complement your ensemble perfectly.  Congratulations, Diamond Diva

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by Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director, THE BRIDAL PARTY LLC


flower girl dress said...

This may sound like a messy way to describe a flower girl dress style, but it’s really a very beautiful design.

zac said...

nothing better than celebrating a wedding with a fancy cigar!!

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