Monday, September 1, 2008

License to be Married

One of my closest friends was married via civil service wedding this past July (the happy family are pictured above). For many civil services are becoming more and more appealing because of their convenience, low cost and of course lack of stress. Brides and grooms who practice different religions and/or are from varying cultural backgrounds find civil service weddings to be a better option as well. But, whether you're being married at a City Hall or at a church, obtaining the marriage license is the first essential step. So, how does one go about applying for a marriage license in New Jersey?

Applications for a New Jersey marriage license must be acquired at the municipal office in the bride's town. If the bride is not a resident of New Jersey, the couple may apply at the municipal office of the groom's town. If both are non-residents they can apply at the municipal office of the town where the ceremony will take place.

The application fee is $28.00.

Required Persons
When applying, the bride, groom and one witness (at least 18 years old) must be present.

Identification Required
Birth certificates are required for proof of age. If birth certificates are not available, two other forms of ID displaying date of birth are required (such as a driver's license, passport, baptism document, military release document or non-driver's license photo ID). In some cases, proof of residency may also be required.

Age/Consent Requirements
Anyone under the age of 18 would need parental consent documents signed by both parents. Anyone under the age of 16 would need parental consent documents AND a judges approval.

Physical Exams
Premarital blood tests are no longer required in the state of New Jersey.

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Finally, here are at-a-glance instruction sheets with more detailed information on the processes in both New Jersey and New York:

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