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Today, I've decided to profile and share a recent interview I conducted with a talented up-and-coming photographer, who also happens to be one of my childhood friends. He started out as a graphic designer and has studied photography in order to add it to his répertoire yielding work that is so inspiring. Also, his dedication to excellence truly admirable. Those of us in the wedding business know how important it is for service providers to be committed, skilled and honest. After all, we're handling people's once in a lifetimes...and as veteran wedding planner Linyette Richardson-Hall would say, "there are no do-over's."

Introducing Chad Pennington, founder and lead photographer of photography!

How/Why Did You Decide To Offer Photography As A Service?
I've always loved photography as an art. I started out with graphic design and through that I got a feel for a great many arts, but always had certain images in my mind and ideas of photos. Being a graphic designer, photography sort of came easy to me, but I was sure to study and made sure I did my homework before officially adding it on as a service. To make it plain, I studied photography for 3 years before purchasing my first camera. Why? Because even as a child I remember my mother telling me "when you're doing a service for someone, whether they're spending $10 or $10,000, do the same work and be dedicated."

What Inspires Certain Shots? What Drives Your Creativity?
The people and the moment. I'm a people person, so I interact and make sure everyone is lively and participating. I also draw from things I've studied. I've kind of developed a plethora of ideas in my head that I pull from at certain times. Honestly, the most important thing for me is to leave someone with memories they can go back to after 20 or 30 years, some they may have forgotten but the work is there to help them remember. They may not remember the photographer, but they have those details to treasure.

Are Your Favorite Photos Of The People or Of The Details? Would You Call Your Style "Photo journalistic?"
I would say my favorite shots are of the people. Detail shots are always great to make an album complete, but for those who perhaps could not make it to the wedding, with good photography showing emotion and expression they're able to look and get a sense of what it was like to have been in that moment. As far as technique, I would say I'm more "freestyle" than "photo journalistic." I don't limit myself to a boxed-in type of format. I'm always aiming to tell the story through pictures without following any specific mold.

What Techniques Do You Use In Order To Get Your Shots Unobtrusively?
I use a telephoto lens which allows me to stay further away, but I also have 85mm and 55mm that help really capture the important moments without interrupting. Plus, I'm always mobile throughout each event. I stay on the move.

What Would You Say Is Your Primary Goal? service the need. That's why I stay flexible because everyone has different needs. I really enjoy making people happy, so this comes really easy for me. For instance, I just signed up with a non-profit agency called Flashes of Hope where photographers dedicate their time to shoot children in hospitals fighting Cancer. I love it! Just to see someone light up and be able to capture that moment is priceless. I would never be able to capture that through graphic design and that's why I really love photography.

What Sets You Apart From Other Photographers?
The finish! It's all about the finish. And with my background in graphic design, it allows for a more pristine result. It's all in the details at the end of the day.

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