Thursday, September 25, 2008

Passion For Planning Your Own Wedding ≠ Passion For Wedding Planning As A Business

One of my favorite wedding planner blogs, Tidbits on Weddings by Socialites, featured a really interesting post today.  Kelly McWilliams, the blog's author and extraordinarily talented destination wedding planner, mentioned a few thoughts on the difficulty of being a wedding planner and operating a planning/consulting business...and I don't think I could have expressed it any better (thanks Kelly).

I love planning weddings and events, but this is SERIOUS business folks ... not a hobby, not a past-time, not a part-time job.  And if you're interested in hiring a planner, make sure he/she shares the sentiments above and below.  Here's an excerpt from Kelly's blog to consider, especially those who tend to doubt the value of having an experienced and dedicated wedding planner/consultant or persons interested in building a career in wedding planning themselves.  Also, having planned your own wedding and done a good job does not mean you can/will/should succeed as a wedding planner/consultant.  A unique skill-set is required (see below).
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Here's the thing gang. It is HARD and I mean really hard to be a wedding planner. I am not even going to try and deny that. Is it fun? Yes. I love it. I am totally addicted. When I talk to a bride and I say, "I am so excited!" I am not kidding- I really am. You have to have a passion for it. A passion for planning your own wedding does not mean you will have the passion to plan 15 weddings at the same time, with 15 different personalities, tastes, and styles. And if you're going to do this for a career, that's what you have to plan on doing. Also, you have to be prepared to work your arse off. I work a minimum of 60 hours a week, and during our wedding seasons, there are weeks on end where I don't get a day off and I work 14 hour days 3 weeks straight. Why do wedding planners have to work so much? Because on top of the weddings that we're planning, It's a business that has to be run. Accounting, marketing, public relations, administrative- it's a long list. I so wish that there was a wedding tv show that showed what this job is really like. I think so many people would be surprised.

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