Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Flavor of the Month: December 2008

This month we're highlighting an essential nutrient that makes up 70-75% of the human body ... water! The bottled water trend is still very much alive, and for some, carrying just any bottle of water is just not cool. Luckily, there are a few much more favorable options.

Our FlAVORs of the Month for December 2008 are ...

Christian Lacroix "Prêt-à-Porter"
2008 Limited Edition Evian® Water

Evian® dressed in Christian Lacroix! The bottle comes decorated with glittering snowy crystals that charmingly symbolize the purity of this natural spring water. The coppiced lace pattern provides the bottle with a classic frosted feel and is reminiscent of the flora that can be found at the French Alps. Distinguished, understated and so very Lacroix, it will add that final touch of chic and elegance to every festive table.

Bling H2O Crystal-Encrusted Bottled Water

More than a pretty taste ... calling itself “the Cristal of bottled water,” Bling H2O is pop culture in a bottle. It comes in limited-edition, frosted, corked bottles (the size and shape of wine bottles), hand-decorated with Swarovski crystals. The best thing is the bottles are recyclable, perfect for those interested in refilling the Bling bottles with regular supermarket spring water later. (wink)

This unique treasure succeeds at ensuring your special occasion is decorated with elegance. The bottles are fully decorated with stunning Swarovski crystal stars and shiny crown caps. Natural spring water inside comes from Kobe, Japan, the premium location famous for Japanese wine - SAKE. The perfect complement to any gorgeous table setting.


sony said...

I'm loving the bling appeal:)

Always Fabulous Events said...

Earlier this year, I had a "bling" bride so I gave her the Bling H2O as a bridal shower gift. I love the look of the other 2 bottles. I didn't know about them until now. Thanks for the post.

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