Saturday, December 6, 2008

Labor Of Love

Along with my mother and cousin, I'm planning one of the most important events of my year...the celebration of my great-grandmother's 100th birthday! My great-grandmother, who our family affectionately calls "Nanny," was born in 1908 and she's one of the most strong and beautiful women I know. She is the eldest of 23 siblings, mother of 3, grandmother of 7, great-grandmother of 8 and second great-grandmother of 7 and on December 27th (1 day after she becomes a centenarian), we will gather for lunch, music, reflection, fellowship, love and prayer to honor and celebrate her.

I designed invitations of a delicate brown and pink (pictured above) that are being mailed today and I am really excited. Even though my business is party planning, this is undoubtedly a labor of love. Her "Bubba" (the nickname she gave me as a baby and still fondly uses 30 years later) wouldn't have it any other way.


Nicole Scott-Tate said...

100! OMG. I know that she has seen some great things in her life. Happy B-Day Nanny!

Rashana of THE BRIDAL PARTY said...

Yes. We are all very excited to celebrate her 100th. We've learned SO MUCH from her. She's amazing.

ONADA Photography said...

oh wow!! This is huge! Congratulations to your great grandma!

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