Friday, May 1, 2009

Noteworthy Over At Colin's Blog

I was very excited to have met Colin Cowie at The Wedding Salon's NYC bridal show in March. I was all the more excited to have received an email from Colin shortly thereafter thanking me for my support.  But none of that compares to how appreciative and humbled I am that Colin has decided to list After YES, Before I DO & Everything In Between as a noteworthy blog over at Colin's Blog: Life At 120 Miles Per Hour!

This is truly an honor, for Colin Cowie's dedication over the years to designing beautiful events AND providing exceptional service as an arbiter of style is second-to-none.

As I expressed in my reply back to Mr. Cowie's email, his accomplishments have been an inspiration in that I will always be "passionate about my work and remain a 'student'...[focused to] continuously challenge myself to learn and evolve, [which] I believe is crucial in providing top-notch service" to the clients of THE BRIDAL PARTY.

Thanks so much again, Mr. Cowie.

Readers/Followers/Fellow Bloggers: Be sure to stop over and check out Colin's blog!  It's a MUST read.

Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director, The Bridal Party


The Budget Brides Handbook said...

Congrats! That is awesome news.

Dana said...

Wow! Great exposure for The Bridal Party.

Jacob's Mommy said...

Wow, how exciting Rashana! I'm so very proud of you!

DowneastVintage said...

Wow, Rashana!!!

Congratulations on your success. Colin Cowie is not small potatoes and Wow! such an honor for you!

I stumbled upon your blog 3 days ago and have been enjoying taking my time reading and savoring each post.

This is the second awesome blog that I have found within a 1 week period. The other blog doesn't pertain to weddings but the blogger is a very talented designer. I have pulled a lot of great party ideas from her posts.
She hasn't posted in a while but she replied to my email that she will be posting again soon.

Well Rashana, outstanding blog! I will be a follower for sure.

Gloria Brown

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