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Per A Change Of Plans ...

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When planning a wedding, brides and grooms a will likely do all they can to prevent any major changes or an untimely cancellation. However, in case of an emergency, they should be sure to make themselves and their family aware of the proper way to handle such situations. A wedding is an enormous event regardless of budget or scope, therefore any major modifications or postponements should be handled very carefully, with utmost care and in accordance with proper etiquette.

Definitely talk to your wedding planner before making any decisions. We at THE BRIDAL PARTY recommend the following:

If the wedding is to be delayed but will be rescheduled within a reasonable amount of time, a mailed announcement is proper.  If time does not allow for a mailed notification to your invited guests,  telephone calls and email are acceptable.
Changes of Date:
  • If the wedding date changes after invitations have been printed but BEFORE they've been mailed, you may (1) add a printed/engraved card that indicates the new date to the invitation set or (2) if the guest list is rather intimate you may include a personal note with each invitation set or communicate the change via telephone.
  • If the wedding is rescheduled for an earlier date and there isn't time to have modification cards printed, it is acceptable to neatly cross-out the old date on the invitation and print the new date above it by hand.  This is the only time writing anything on an invitation (other than scripting the guest's name on the inner envelope) is permitted.
If the wedding is canceled after invitations have already gone out, a mailed announcement is also most proper.  If time does not permit a mailed notification, telephone calls and email are acceptable here as well.
Explanations are not required, so only elaborate when/if comfortable.  And in the case of telephone notification, it may help to have family and/or friends make those calls.  Just be sure their answers to any questions are general, to protect your privacy.

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by Rashana Anderson
Founder & Managing Director, THE BRIDAL PARTY

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Bridal Party -Even though I am a photographer you keep me on my toes with tons of info. You are my HERO

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