Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Very Vera Barbie

I gifted my four flower girls (pictured above) Barbie "bride" dolls the night before my big day. They were all very excited. But I have to admit, those dolls were so pretty I almost wanted to keep them for myself. I love Barbie dolls! And if you're as much a fan of Barbie as I am, this one's gonna knock your socks off...

Vera Wang Bride: The Romanticist Barbie Doll
[This] doll captures the luxury, impeccable detailing, and superior workmanship that define Vera Wang. Created under the direction of the designer herself, this lovely Barbie doll embodies the romance of the bride and her gown. Collect her for yourself or a bride that you know. No more than 8,900 units produced worldwide.
This beautiful doll goes for a hefty $150 but if you have a mature and gracious little girl in mind for this little treasure, she's likely to cherish and preserve it for years to come. It could be a worthy investment.

P.S. She dons a pretty impressive engagement ring too! SO SWEET.

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