Sunday, February 15, 2009

When Photography Isn't Enough

In my experience, one of the first services brides and grooms are wary about or consider a low priority is videography; and every time I here "we don't think we need a video" I silently sigh. The general consensus seems to be: wedding videos are tacky and a waste of money. But perhaps this notion exists because folks have traditionally viewed recordings with much too much lighting, horribly inconsistent sound and footage of guests being passed microphones with which to share 15-minute long accounts of their favorite / most embarrassing memories of the couple. Okay, YES...those videos are terrible and unfortunately still exist today but I beg of you, don't give up on videography!

If you've heard or muttered any of the following, here are a few things to consider:
  • "We can relive each moment via our is really the most important thing." 
    • Photography is extremely important and I support making it a top priority on the wedding planning list.  However, photography does not and can not replace a motion picture.  Let's face it, you can't hear your mother's heartfelt sigh as you said "I Do" or hear the laughter of your bridesmaids vying to catch your bouquet by looking at a photograph. 
  •  "My uncle Jimmy is going to video the wedding and reception for us...we don't need a videographer."
    •  Would you opt not to hire a professional photographer and have your father's brother, who's pretty handy with his Kodak EasyShare digital camera, be in charge of taking all of your weddings photos?  If not, considering making him your videographer is an equally bad idea.
  • "We'll probably only watch the wedding video once and never bring it out again."
    • When you have children, they'll definitely want to watch your wedding video.  Your grandchildren will be interested as well.  Trust me!
  • "Wedding videos are too long."
    • A good videographer is equipped to capture the special moments of your wedding in most any duration you request.  If you're interested in 30 minutes or less, that shouldn't be a problem.

    And finally, may I make a suggestion? Classic Video & Photography!  No way you'll get a run-of-the-mill video here.  Classic Video & Photography sets out to "create what will become a treasured photographic journey as well as your favorite movie; the story of your day; the moments you remember as well as the ones you missed or have forgotten in the emotional blur of the day; the simply elegant essence of what it felt like to be you and your family and friends sharing one of the most memorable days of your lives."  They're so great at what they do and are quite affordable.

    So, if you've crossed videography off your list, visit Classic Video & Photography before you close the book...and tell them The Bridal Party sent ya!

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