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The Hottest Wedding Date Of The Year

I first started to notice this such number sequence craze with 4-4-04. And last year ... well ... let's just say the number 7 seemed to be lucky for just about everyone: July 7, 2007 fell on a Saturday and the rest is literally HISTORY.

So, here we are 6 days into 2008 and Friday, August 8th continues to generate lots of buzz in the wedding industry. Why?
  1. The date has a pretty nice ring to it.

  2. It's set to be really popular for Chinese weddings (since eight is considered the most fortuitous of numbers within that culture) and it is the chosen date for the start of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (no coincidence).

  3. It falls on a Friday ... though not optimal for most engaged couples (Saturday is still the prime choice for weddings), still attractive nonetheless because of the possibilities for great themes and deals via automatic lower prices for Friday night weddings.

  4. Turn the number 8 on it's side and you get the infinity symbol = FOREVER, NEVER ENDING, UNTIL THE END OF TIME.

  5. The phrase “I Love You” has exactly 8 letters.

For those of you who have chosen 8-8-08, have fun! There are so many great ways to draw from this theme. And don't forget to start your wedding at 8AM, 8PM or exactly 8:08. (wink)


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