Saturday, January 5, 2008

On-Site Venue Coordinators vs. Professional Wedding Planners

While thumbing through my wedding magazines and blogs for the day, I came across this post over at Delight Your Senses, who actually referenced the original author from Planning...Forever. I was really happy to see this, because many brides confuse the coordinators at their chosen venue with professional event planners or consultants. One is not a substitute for the other and they do not cancel each other out.

I think this puts everything into perspective quite well ... easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. On-Site Coordinators are responsible for the venue. Their alliance and most important concern is the venue. The venue pays their salary. A professional wedding planner is responsible and accountable to services requested by you. She/He is a third party, an advocate and the director of your vendors and your wishes.

2. On-Site Coordinators may have limited vendor referrals. Most of them will have a source of vendors that they love to use at their facility. Because this DJ doesn't scratch their floors and this florist cleans up after themselves, etc, etc. Instead, a wedding planner knows many vendors that can fit into many different budgets and match client's personalities. It's our job to know GREAT vendors that may not advertise!

3. On-Site Coordinators are only present during the reception (or time at the venue). They are not open to take your 10pm etiquette phone calls, or attend photographer meetings, or negotiate with DJs, or have lots of design ideas and magazines for you to look at. A professional wedding planner is there during the planning stages through to the rehearsal, ceremony and reception.

4. A professional wedding planner will make sure this is NOT you on your special day. Now that you have the facts, you can determine what your needs are.


Simply Modern Weddings said...

Thank you for this post...many people get confused between the 2, or they are mislead by their venue that they don't need to hire a coordinator....when in fact, we do a completely different job.

Lex aka Elle said...

Great post! Even 2 years later.

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