Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Workout, Wii Style

Note: If you haven't noticed already, I'm on a fitness kick ;-)
To my husband's surprise, about 3 weeks before Christmas, I decided I wanted a Nintendo Wii. He was shocked, as were others who pretty much know I'm not really into video games. Nevertheless, once I played a few rounds of Wii Sports on a whim one day, I was hooked.

While attempting to surprise me with a Wii for Christmas, my husband quickly found that it was one of the hottest and hardest gifts to find. Just when it seemed all hope was gone, he was able to "strategically" secure one, and not for a trumped up eBay price, but for it's retail $250 price tag. (Yea Babe!)

Wii Sports, the game collection that comes with the console, is great because you can bowl, play golf, tennis and baseball, even box. It's lots of fun, it's interactive and it raises your heart-rate ... hence, a good source of exercise! So, I was not too surprised when I heard Wii Fit would be hitting North America soon. Already a huge hit in Japan, Wii Fit is on it's way ... probably early Spring 2008. You can even pre-order if you like.

Another fun way to focus on bettering your health.


Always Fabulous Events said...

I can't believe you found something for US to do with the Wii. Thank you!

*Rashana Anderson* said...

Yes! I'm really excited about it too.

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