Friday, January 4, 2008


Three offbeat finds ... for the non-traditional couple:

Not Your Ordinary Topper

Especially for the think outside-the-box bride and groom, GaugeNYC crafts letter and word sculptures to top the most glamorous of cakes! Using common materials such as aluminum, brass and sterling silver, these shining pieces leave lifelong impressions. Custom designs are also available by request.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

This set of 6 vividly colored cards offer a touching and stand-out way to ask your best gals to stand up for you at your wedding. Each also comes with matching bracelets. Conveniently available for purchase through

Thanks For Making The Trip

What a cute and affordable way to thank guests for attending your destination wedding?! These Luggage Favor Compartments are just too clever. After all, there's no etiquette book that says you must package favors in pastel colored, ribbon wrapped boxes with your monogram attached. Just fill these up with your fav goodies, personalize the label and give your photographer specific instructions to include them in with his/her detail shots. If your interested in purchasing these nifties, post a comment ... I'd be happy to share.


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Lerkia Lee-Tidball said...

Love these, where did you find these cute little favors?


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